brown patch on breast

Catches its prey by hawking in the air.
The female lays 5-11 eggs, usually one per day, and on completion of the clutch she incubates them for 28-30 days before they hatch.
Edit Habitat Found in open stony bushland and scrubland.
By 66 to 84 days old they are able to fly.Edit Taxonomy This is a monotypic species.Also in sage bush, grassland and eucalyptus plantations.Female with pale buff wing spots and buff tips to tail.Trevor Hardaker, egyptian goose, Milnerton Sewage Works, South Africa.Immatures browner and paler.Available at http www.Edit Breeding Breeding season differs through range.
Life Eukaryotes Opisthokonta Metazoa (animals) Bilateria Deuterostomia Chordata Craniata Vertebrata (vertebrates) Gnathostomata (jawed vertebrates) Teleostomi (teleost fish) Osteichthyes (bony fish) Class: Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish) Stegocephalia (terrestrial vertebrates) Tetrapoda (four-legged vertebrates) Reptiliomorpha Amniota Reptilia (reptiles) Romeriida Diapsida Archosauromorpha Archosauria Dinosauria (dinosaurs) Saurischia Theropoda (bipedal predatory dinosaurs).
Threats Although it minecraft cracked 1.7.2 launcher has evidently become less common in Mozambique, in South Africa the Egyptian goose has become more widespread and become much more abundant in some regions such as the Cape Peninsula.

Males sometimes get into fights and try to bite the opposing male on the neck and at the same time beat it with the wings.Those in elevated nests (up to 60 m above ground jump off the edge and fall to the ground, where they often lie stunned for up to about four minutes before getting up and marching off with the parents to water or feeding grounds.Alopochen aegyptiacus (Egyptian Goose kolgans Afrikaans; Ilowe Xhosa; iLongwe Zulu; Lefaloa (also applied to South African Shelduck) South Sotho; Lefaloa North Sotho; Dada (generic name for duck or goose Hanzi, Sekwe (generic name for duck or goose) Shona; Sekwa (generic term for duck or goose).Trevor Hardaker, a large brown to buff duck, easily distinguished from other ducks by its large size, the dark brown eye patch and the brown patch in the middle of the buff-coloured breast.The most usual nest site is on the ground and in these circumstances the female first scrapes a shallow hollow in the ground before constructing the rest of the nest with plant material and down (see image below).Edit References Clements,.Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive (retrieved July 2015) edit External Links Retrieved from " t/opus/Sombre_Nightjar " Advertisement.It's easy to sign up, easy to postand your story or event will be seen by people in your neighborhood.Downloaded from Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds).Male and female look similar but the male is larger; easiest distinguished on the basis of their call: whereas the male hisses mainly, the female honks mainly.