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Interface can inherit more than one interfaces Abstract class can implement more than one interfaces, but can inherit only one class Abstract class must override all abstract method and may override virtual methods Interface can be used when the implementation is changing Abstract class can.Similarly, as an example you can say that both IOException and SecurityException are of type Exception.Interface can be used to define a generic template and then one or more abstract classes to define partial implementations of the interface.Continuing our example, Human Being's can talk, walk, hear, eat, but the details are hidden from the outside world.In.NET/ C a class can be defined to implement an interface and also it supports multiple implementations.The regional system will report to the city (computer system of the city) while the city will report to the country (computer system of the country).Interface definition begins with the keyword interface.What is the difference between Association, Aggregation, and Composition?As it was with the Faculty and the University, the two mutually depend on each other.NET and Java uses the Composite relation to define their Collections.

Here we will try to explain all the oops concepts through this example and later we will have the technical definitons for all this.It is the blueprint, or plan, or template, that describes the details of an object.Here you will find information on these important patterns.A cat is also a mammal.Student objectStudent new Student In real world, you'll often find many individual objects all of the same kind.The design or the architecture of a software system is the foundation.Encapsulation is all about binding the data variables and functions together in class.If you want to check Nido source code or learn the architecture please visit the links given below. .Hence, you gain reusability by means of four main object-oriented programming concepts.I know for a fact that this is a question for most, but from the other hand by reading many articles I have become aware that not everyone electrical wiring estimating and costing ebook agrees to what business logic actually is, and in many cases it's just the bridge in between.
Theoretically a class emphasis the idea of encapsulation, while an interface emphasis the idea of abstraction (by suppressing the details of the implementation).