domestic biogas construction manual

Charcoal powder is usually used to make these briquettes.
60) and electrical scraping and dehairing machines in Vietnam (Fig.A wall-mounted hoist, which has two suspension chains or cables, each one attached to both ends of the spreader, is the most suitable piece of equipment (Fig.73: Bovine restraining box: A rope is attached to the left fore and hind feet and pulled from the opposite side, under the wall of the box; the opposite wall (b) is closed during bringing down the animal.In the continuous-line system (Fig.19) of small ruminants is the best option.Fuels substituted by biogas for rural livelihood (TJ) Source: Liu.22: Hanging of dressed carcasses for dispatching or cooling.Co-adaption between social system and ecosystem.
It also supplies the energy needs of small-scale rural industries such as tile making and food processing.
For the meat inspection of the internal organs and the heads, both types are not large enough to justify a mobile viscera table and head transport facilities that are synchronized with the movement of the carcasses, as shown in Fig.

The skinning cradle here (foreground) is made of concrete, and there is a cattle restrainer for stunning (left).The legs and belly region are skinned in this position and then the forelegs are released.Because small ruminant slaughtering is of importance mostly in Muslim countries (where it is also an option for meat export the combination with pig slaughtering can be ruled out.See also Annex A1 4 and.The machine can make briquettes from coal powder, charcoal powder, coal dust etc.Blood is usually collected in a receptacle that is held close to the bleeding wound.Slow burning rate and increased heating value.
But the factor mentioned most often in this regard is the labor saved for women and children who collect firewood.