facial soul patch pictures

The only people who should have soul patches are talent agents, baseball pitchers, grungy musicians, and those who are active in the art of douchebaggery.
Nowadays more and more men are bravely wearing patchy beards and they look great!# 22 Combed Dark Beard with Sculpted Moustache Source gta v pc crack kickass The dark, manual canon rebel t2i espaгol full moustache tapers off neatly at the edges giving a classy and sophisticated look.All year long, Cardinals fans have been bemused and bewildered by Scott Spezio's facial hair.# 2 Patchy Chestnut Beard with Pencil Moustache.Patches are for elbows, knees, and flat tires, not your face.His hair extends just above and below the jawline into his sideburns and is slightly longer and thicker under the chin.# 3 Bristly Brown Beard with Neat Moustache.# 15 Well-Maintained and Soft Source Chris Pratts sandy coloured beard gives him a rugged look while he is still looking well cared for and tamed.# 5 Keanu Sporting a Clipped Look.The soul patch adds to the rugged look of this facial hair.The facial hair seems soft and well-conditioned and has been neatly combed into place.# 9 Deep Brown Beard Makes Brody Smolder.# 14 Clean Patches Help Balance the Beard.# 24 Messy Beard with Trimmed Moustache Source The length and curl of this beard makes it look a little scruffy and unkempt, but we can just see the moustache which is neatly clipped.

Like anything else, there are exceptions.3 TL, DR wikipedia (Imgur: fuckiloveboobsthough).The deep brown facial hair is mostly a uniform length and the overall look is laid back and trendy.Screenshots edit, navigation edit.It was the feeling of insecurity they were trying to avoid. We all saw the memes.Source, keanu is well-known for his patchy beard.In the past men were very restricted by fashion and convention when it came to beard styles.His moustache just extends to the beard and the area under the lip is mostly clean shaven, with more hair and volume under the jaw line.
Legend has it that the soul patch covers (or patches) the hole from which your soul was extracted, which is why most people with soul patches are soulless bastards.
Beards and moustaches came with preconceived ideas and were not always considered neat or clean.