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The loadout was a pair of rocket pods outboard, two mmwi and two ALH Hellfires right inboard, and a drop tank left inboard.
The weapon system of the AH-64A was also revolutionary in its day, freeing the helicopter from the tether of the wire guided TOW missile.
The Longbow radar and mmwi Hellfire are an extremely effective package which should provide exceptional lethality when love hina manga scan deutsch used by a tactically cunning operator.
The capabilities inherent in the Longbow package would to hacker's manual 2015 for linux a considerable degree relax the demands for raaf close air support and battlefield interdiction assets, a traditional bone of political contention between many members of the two services.The radar will track up to 128 targets and prioritise the top.The evolving environment saw the AH-64A progressively upgraded with the APR-39 Radar Warning Receiver, the ALQ-136 defensive jammer, the ALQ-144 infrared jammer and more recently, the AVR-2 laser warning receiver.All may be accessed through the IDM under software control, to provide transparent digital access to other assets.Acquired by the US Army to provide the spearhead of its digitised battlefield forces, the AH-64D is now in delivery to the British Army and was recently ordered by the Netherlands Army.The Apache Longbow's capability however extends further, since the IDM datalinking allows an Apache Longbow to hand off targets to non radar equipped AH-64D Apaches.At Boeing's invitation the author had the opportunity to fly in this remarkable aircraft and operate the Longbow weapon system.Since the weapons are fire and forget, ie fully autonomous, once they are launched the helo can immediately move away to avoid "counter-battery" fire.
This is baseline AH-64D Apache weapon system, common to all aircraft and the configuration for 3/4 of US Army deliveries, and all Netherlands deliveries.
I was soon to be proven very wrong and can state that the vendor's claims are no overstatement, within minutes I could navigate my way through a number of menus and modes successfully.

However, it will be a costlier choice, especially up front, in comparison with the "second tier" bidders.A quick demonstration was given of the engine and systems status symbology on the MFDs, as well as BIT operation.Any weapon can be targeted by any sensor, and sensors may be slaved to other sensors.Comparing old, cheap solutions from AMD with new, budget offerings from Intel.I was interested in seeing the performance of the automatic hover position, altitude and attitude hold, so Pete first demonstrated the attitude and altitude hold, which was very smooth but experienced slight wind drift as expected.The software "remembers" the coordinates of attacked targets and flags these on the screen with an X to avoid redundant reattack and wasting of rounds.Opting for the AH-64D, either fully, partially or optioned with the Longbow package will provide a very robust capability with plenty of long term growth and zero risk in support, given the 1000 base of AH-64As and the US/UK commitments to the AH-64D.Footage from the Desert Storm campaign showed classical examples of this tactic, with an AH-64 gunner firing off a sequence of Hellfires, seconds apart, then "walking" his laser from target to target as the missiles impacted.The decision for the ADF will not be easy, in the current budgetary climate.Boeing, who acquired McDonnell Douglas (who earlier acquired Hughes Helicopters set out to achieve this level of capability and survivability by a far reaching redesign of the Apaches weapon system.More over, the Longbow weapon system has also obsoleted the classical Soviet mobile battlefield iads, and will displace the fixed wing Weasel in its role as the primary killer of battlefield air defences.
Should the close-in battle be favoured over the outer land-sea battle, in force structure terms?