megaman nt warrioir episodes

(!!) August 26, 2002 May 8, "Bizarre!
(!) December 2, 2002 December 2, "Chess Mess!" "I'll Battle You!
A ingenieria mecanica estatica boresi pdf virus has infected Aki causing the mayhem, so MegaMan, GutsMan, and Iceman jack-in to rescue their idol.29 27 "SnakeMan's Survival Seven" "The Poison Snake Madam's Trap!See more »"s MegaMan : Searchman.44 41 "KnightMan's Betrayal!" "Knightman's Betrayal!However, ProtoMan becomes overcome when Chaud realizes he lost the chips needed for the Program Advance in the elevator shaft with Yai.Company Credits, production Co: Capcom Company, ShoPro Entertainment See more » Show detailed company contact information on IMDbPro » Technical Specs Runtime: 25 min 30 min (52 episodes) Color: Color Color (Technicolor) See full technical specs » Edit Did You Know?Name Release date Episode # Episode Name MegaMan NT Warrior, Volume 1 (Jack In!) 97 (cover art: MegaMan, Lan) 1-4."Jack-in!Higsby is a rare Battle Chip collector who uses his NetNavi NumberMan to steal chips.Likewise, TorchMan is powered up from the solar energy." Beast episode 18" (in Japanese).

Ep dub Ep dub Title/Translated Title, battlefield heroes cheat codes 2013 original Japanese Title.17 17 "Something's Fishy with Commander Beef!" "Commander Beef's True Identity!(!) October 25, 2003 March 3, "Metal Hot Spring!The English DVDs only provide the English-dubbed and edited episodes with optional Spanish voice-track, and they all come with the same bonus features (trailers of Mega Man Battle Network video games or promotional screens for merchandise).(!) September 30, 2002 November 30, 2004 Lan's bus breaks down while driving through Kingland, so he visits a nearby mansion." Beast episode 24" (in Japanese).