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Its also kind of cool that the game splits its large cast up and follows different pairs of characters independently; that seems like a good way to keep the environments and play mechanics fresh without forcing the story to zigzag.
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Stan and Corey find out that the fraternity, Delta Theta Gamma, is a Skull Bones-like organization, and want to experiment with the offspring of Kenny.
One thing that persists from the previous game is the generic monster designs; the monsters themselves are no better than those in the previous game, which isnt a good thing.She is obsessed with video games and has become very skilled at hacking.Editions EG was distributed by Polydor in the UK, and by Jem in the USA.PSP version edit Playlogic developed of a PSP version.A b "Obscure: The Aftermath for PC Reviews".Miller, Matt (May 2008).The spores spread through the whole city and later the whole country.Clements, Ryan (September 30, 2009).Antilles label, a division of Island: album win toolkit portable dism 3 as AN-7030, and album 5 as AN-7031.Characters edit Shannon Matthews Born in the City of Fallcreek (voiced.He is fanatical about his birth nation and hockey."Obscure: The Aftermath - PS2 - Review".

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Instead they feature a " Obscure Records Ltd" copyright symbol.Since you always play as a team, the designers tried to make the two team members have conversations with each other, a cool idea which is totally sabotaged by the vapid one-liners that the characters end up spewing at each other.Kuon, Rule of Rose, and, illbleed for some classic examples of this pattern but Obscure 2 actually has the opposite problem.These two albums, along with all four volumes of the Ambient series, were first issued on CD in the 1980s on the Caroline Records label, which was the USA imprint of Virgin Records.Adventure and action with a teen horror-movie scenario.A b "Obscure: The Aftermath for PSP Reviews".As Kenny lies dying under the platform, he pleads to Shannon to take care of his child.Kenny Matthews Born in City of Fallcreek (voiced by Buster Cox ) - Shannon's older brother.Despite fairly competent (if routine and fairly uninteresting) play mechanics and game technology, Obscure 2 collapses under the weight of its tasteless and contrived story.
Every other line is some trite sexual innuendo, and even when the characters are saying normal things the delivery is so lacking in emotion that it just sounds robotic.
Albums 3 and 10 use the alternate American cover art in these editions, and album 7 uses new cover art as well.