owners manual for sears treadmill

Press the Left Base Cover (82) and the Right Base Cover (83) onto the Base (94) until they snap into place.
To make your workouts at home more enjoyable and The model number and the location of the serial num- effective.Note: It may be necessary to rotate the 94 Console Frame (104) upward when attaching the Trays (36, 27).Inspect and properly tighten all parts of the intended only as an exercise aid in determin- treadmill regularly.Icon assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sus- tained by or through the use of this product.Start all Console six Screws, and then tighten them.Important: The treadmill is not compat- power.assembly/sears/ To identify small parts, see page.94 12 Large 3 Barrel Latch Knob.
Contact THE store; please contact Customer Care.
Connect the ground wire from the console assembly to the Console Ground Wire (105) on the Pulse Crossbar (93).


Measure your heart rate if desired.Plug in the power cord (see If th e manual mode is not selected, press the page 16).See the inset drawing.Users manual, write the serial number in the space above for reference.Identify the left handrail assembly (B).Remove and discard the two indicated screws (C) from the right handrail assembly (D).Identify the Left Upright (89 which is marked 2 Left.
Do not press the 90 Base Covers into place yet.