perfect written english pdf

(one uninterrupted activity) By 5 o'clock I'll have washed this car and replaced the tyres.
(state - I am stlill in Greece.).
Are you going to take the toefl? .I have lived here for ten years.By then I'll have been staying at this hotel for a fortnight.They haven't finished their homework yet.How is this grammar formed? .
But: I read your letter last night.
Have you had breakfast?

(two completed activities that will be done one after another) In this respect they are similar to other English tenses, which you can study on this website to get more examples.I wanted to go to Japan several years ago. .He learned how to do it a long time ago.When you arrive, we'll have been sitting in the classroom all day.We'll have reached the top before noon.I have been living here for ten years.Negative statement: I will not have been doing (I won't have been doing).It Happened, But I Don't Know When.We have lived here since 2001.Quiz time Directions: Rewrite the following sentences with the present perfect. .How long have they been here?
I haven't met her before.