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SEL-311L is manual telefono siemens gigaset as185 almost an identical relay with SEL-311C having the same distance protection, phase-to-phase and ground-to-phase overcurrent protection or reclosing automation and as a plus powerful line current differential protection functions.
Print favorites e-mail link reference contact, altele din categoria For electric power transmission.Redundancy is assured with a hot stand-by mechanism which implies simultaneous processing of currents using the currents from the opposite side brought by both communication channels so, in case of a faulty communication channel the relay automatically reads the values from the healthy channel with.SEL-311C distance protection relay - Coming soon.-, sEL-311L Line current differential protection relay, sEL-387L Line current differential relay - SEL-387L is a dedicated line differential protection relay with just one protection function, line differential.The relay includes six high-speed/high-interrupting current outputs which can programmed for direct tripping trough line current differential protection.As a basic equipment the relay has 6 digital inputs and 8 output contacts on the motherboard, another 6 output contacts on the current differential board and optional can be added one additional DI/DO board with 8 digital inputs and 12 output contacts.Redundant communication channels, with different or identical interfaces.

SEL-311L Line current differential protection relay.Optional, scada integration can be done using DNP3 painful cracked skin around fingernails communication protocol.It doesnt have any support for distance or overcurrent and ground-overcurrent protection functions (included in SEL-311L but its an economical alternative when the line differential protection is mandatory, doubled by teleprotection.-, sEL-351 directional overcurrent relay - SEL-351 directional overcurrent relay offers protection against: phase, negative-sequence.For communication trough fiber optic can be used 1300nm or 1550nm fiber optic.The communication channel interface used for the differential element can be: fiber optic or metallic interface (EIA-422.703).The SEL-311L differential elements compare phase and sequence components for each line terminal.The line current differential function is implemented using an innovative algorithm which checks the vector ratio of the local and remote currents in a complex plane, known as alpha plane, allowing the relay to work in a secure manner even with saturated CTs or communication.The relay continuously monitors both cannels for correct data transmission and channel delay.SEL-421 Distance and directional overcurrent protection relay - Five distance protection zones for phase-to-phase and ground-to-phase faults with Mho characteristic for phase-to-phase faults and Mho and quadrilateral characteristics for ground-to-phase faults.SEL - 311L is almost an identical relay with.
SEL -311C having the same distance protection.