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Safari and Firefox work well.
Without these visual accoutrements, text looks ordinary: "It's a question of style, baby." However, with a little more work, we can make our text that the lucky one nl subsen much prettier: #8220;It #8217;s a question of style, baby.
Follow us: Delicious family consisting of 6 fonts, custom text, size tinysmallmediumlargeextreme, delicious-Roman.Helvetica Neue LT Std 55 Roman.Cultures differ on whether you should add spaces either side of the dash.For Safari, set the font to either Time Roman or Lucida Grande.But, recently, after being convinced that there was wide support for Unicode characters among web browsers and operating systems, we starting replacing the low-resolution graphics with widely supported font-based Unicode characters.Mac Oiger (Panther, etc.).If youd like to use a serifed font then Georgia is a popular choice.Rather than an afterthought, your typographical decisions should be at the forefront of your design, navigation, and structural choices in any site you design.In other cases when youre using it as a dash to separate parts of a sentence, like so you should use an em-dash, which is noticeably longer than a hyphen.Of course, the idea that these might be definitive is laughable, the title of this article notwithstanding.I can understand this philosophy, but personally I prefer exerting more control over the display of my sites.Personally, I do, though in some cases (especially when using serif fonts it looks better with no spaces.Just these few simple changes to your text will add a swish of style.We've also tested Opera with pretty good success.The prime character which most people use in place of an apostrophe, should be replaced in all cases with #8217;.
In the window that comes up, choose to scan your system.

If your browser is not properly displaying the named character entities in an entry (e.g., logical symbols, mathematical symbols, etc.Itll take some experimentation, but some fonts (at some sizes) will fit for your site, others wont.Here is a list of such symbols: Special Symbols Not Widely Supported In the past, we used many more of the "low-resolution" screen shots of these characters and displayed the resulting graphics in the entry as small images, as we have done on the page.However, we haven't test our pages with these systems as widely as we have the Windows and Mac platforms.In IE select the Tools Windows Update menu item.Free Helvetica Lt Std Roman fonts on the Web.(My friend, typography expert.When viewed in your browser, the character will appear correctly.Hot New Fonts Best Sellers Whats New Special Offers Top Webfonts.
Oliver Reichenstein, over the last few months, Ive spent more time than I intended on exploring the whole idea of fonts and typography for the Web.
Font Variations Each individual font may have a number of variations a narrow version or an extra-bold version for instance.